Built for Imagination

Both Children and adults know something unusual when they see it. Being one of a kind, each monster is a spark to the imagination of all who see and touch them. What's their name, what's their story? Kids are the fastest to weave a tale to make you smile. 

When you give a Leather Monster,  you give stories, and a keepsake that will last a lifetime. The child who gets a monster today will be able to give it to their children, and the monster is going to look even better. Because like that antique chair, leather ages beautifully.


Engineered for Life 

Leather Monsters will live 25-40+ year. Ralph is my industrial workhorse otherwise known as a Sailrite. When combined with Leather impossible for humans to tear, you just know your getting "Rugged Luxury" 

The colourful eyes I use are custom made acrylic animal reproductions. Secured via a post and washers similar to safety eyes used in other stuffed animals, there is nothing else that comes close in the Custom Plush making world.