The Jelly Bean Buddies

One just left for California - the bear- there is one more on the bench to trim and stuff and then they will all be gone - I suspect I'll get asked about making more them as Easter gets closer! I have my sites set in the circus for this month of March - though there is a goldfish pattern I've also been dying to try-- stay tuned!!! 


 Plush leather teddy bear monster     

Plush leather teddy bear monster  



Apology to some garments



Dear Cashmere Sweaters,

I have something important to tell you. The weather is already better and I don’t believe for a second I’m going to get to you this winter. You will sit in the closet until we move next month, then you will sit in the next closet. You will not be taken out during the cool nights of spring or the warm days of summer, or the brisk afternoons of fall. You will languish where ever you are placed until its frigid cold, again. 

I regret telling you this, I wish it was different, but you are all crafting supplies. You, the softest of my hoarded wool garments, deserved better.  Having been abandoned for donation, deviously  abused in a washing machine with hot water, thrown in dryers, your damaged goods. Always one for hard luck cases I collected you, it’ll be different with me, I said, I will make beauty out of you.  

The sad truth is, you will be arm warmers, leg warmers maybe. I had such high hopes for some of you, imagining you may be long socks. Yet without the educational foundation of a good sock pattern for used sweaters, single seamed arm warmers seem the height of what you will achieve. 

I wanted so much more for you, sometimes I imagine you will all come together in a blanket. I will snuggle with all of you on the couch, revelling in the softness and warmth only cashmere can provide. 

I will touch you from time to time, as bedding gets put away near you in the closet, you are cherished.

Till next year my pets,


End of year - We welcome the arrival of 2015


With all the monster love seen before and over Christmas we are getting ready before the new year to bring you Valnetine's beasties of love. I really adore this lion I've been calling Killian since his bouncy arrival in the studio the other day.

This newly redrafted pattern has me very happy. The length I have been ab,e to get on the hair is almost the full 6 inches. The monsters are still in the 10 inch tall range. Things to look forward to this coming year! 

--Valentine's day Leather Monster Dolls 

-- Tattoo monsters!!! Oh my goodness, this is gonna be amazing! We have a couple of artists we will be working with to start. More examples will show themselves early in the new year

-- Branching out locally, we are currently at one store and we will be moving to at least one other, more info to come! 

So with this the last entry for 2014, we wish you all a safe and happy new year! 


Viking Monster "Snorri" Handmade Leather


Handmade monsters have been such a pleasure to create this cold week. The horns on this guy turn up ever so slightly on the tips just like an ox. He was with me just hours before he got snapped up on Instagram. Good place for people to call dibs for sure:) 

Regarding his namesake "As an historian and mythographer, Snorri is remarkable for proposing the hypothesis (in the Prose Edda) that mythological gods begin as human war leaders and kings whose funeral sites develop cults (see euhemerism). As people call upon the dead war leader as they go to battle, or the dead king as they face tribal hardship, they begin to venerate the figure. Eventually, the king or warrior is remembered only as a god. He also proposed that as tribes defeat others, they explain their victory by proposing that their own gods were in battle with the gods of the others."

----Above from Wikipedia

Lucky Black Cat


Castalia,  at 9 inches tall, she's a handful. Nymph of a fountain on Mount Parnassus, sacred to the Muses. Luscious head of Tibetan sheepskin, steely gray. Safety acrylic Lynx taxidermy style eyes. Safety nose. She has many lives to share with someone lucky. To be posted in shop soon, inquire via form if you must have her before listing. She will be $78 USD before shipping.

Post Office


    Great time had at Canada post. Fun picking out a standard box for monsters. Helpful people in line chuckled and played with my bagful of beasts.  An exhuberant red head picked the best fit. I enjoyed her tremendously.  

    I now have shipping quotes for most any monster bound for international travels. Store to be determined, ETSY, my own, big cartel, too many choices!! Im gonna pull the toque over my eyes for a bit:)

   Business cards and such are my next mission. Hope you like toque head, he's gonna be the face for Leather MOnsters-- for a while. Its been said the weather is gonna warm up and perhaps a toque is weird in the summer time. Eh, it's a Canadian thing.