Viking Monster "Snorri" Handmade Leather


Handmade monsters have been such a pleasure to create this cold week. The horns on this guy turn up ever so slightly on the tips just like an ox. He was with me just hours before he got snapped up on Instagram. Good place for people to call dibs for sure:) 

Regarding his namesake "As an historian and mythographer, Snorri is remarkable for proposing the hypothesis (in the Prose Edda) that mythological gods begin as human war leaders and kings whose funeral sites develop cults (see euhemerism). As people call upon the dead war leader as they go to battle, or the dead king as they face tribal hardship, they begin to venerate the figure. Eventually, the king or warrior is remembered only as a god. He also proposed that as tribes defeat others, they explain their victory by proposing that their own gods were in battle with the gods of the others."

----Above from Wikipedia