End of year - We welcome the arrival of 2015


With all the monster love seen before and over Christmas we are getting ready before the new year to bring you Valnetine's beasties of love. I really adore this lion I've been calling Killian since his bouncy arrival in the studio the other day.

This newly redrafted pattern has me very happy. The length I have been ab,e to get on the hair is almost the full 6 inches. The monsters are still in the 10 inch tall range. Things to look forward to this coming year! 

--Valentine's day Leather Monster Dolls 

-- Tattoo monsters!!! Oh my goodness, this is gonna be amazing! We have a couple of artists we will be working with to start. More examples will show themselves early in the new year

-- Branching out locally, we are currently at one store and we will be moving to at least one other, more info to come! 

So with this the last entry for 2014, we wish you all a safe and happy new year!