Apology to some garments



Dear Cashmere Sweaters,

I have something important to tell you. The weather is already better and I don’t believe for a second I’m going to get to you this winter. You will sit in the closet until we move next month, then you will sit in the next closet. You will not be taken out during the cool nights of spring or the warm days of summer, or the brisk afternoons of fall. You will languish where ever you are placed until its frigid cold, again. 

I regret telling you this, I wish it was different, but you are all crafting supplies. You, the softest of my hoarded wool garments, deserved better.  Having been abandoned for donation, deviously  abused in a washing machine with hot water, thrown in dryers, your damaged goods. Always one for hard luck cases I collected you, it’ll be different with me, I said, I will make beauty out of you.  

The sad truth is, you will be arm warmers, leg warmers maybe. I had such high hopes for some of you, imagining you may be long socks. Yet without the educational foundation of a good sock pattern for used sweaters, single seamed arm warmers seem the height of what you will achieve. 

I wanted so much more for you, sometimes I imagine you will all come together in a blanket. I will snuggle with all of you on the couch, revelling in the softness and warmth only cashmere can provide. 

I will touch you from time to time, as bedding gets put away near you in the closet, you are cherished.

Till next year my pets,