Frequently Asked Questions

Are these suitable for young children?

LEATHER MONSTERS ARE COLLECTIBLE PLUSH ART and as such are only recommend for children Ages 6 and up. Children love them, and are very creative with tales. They will last for decades, and wear beautifully like a favourite purse or jacket. 

They are made with new GARMENT and UPHOLSTERY LEATHER. Leather Monsters are stuffed with BRAND NEW Premium polyester stuffing. 


What do you  use to sew them?

A JUKI LU-1508 industrial sewing machine ensures the incredible ruggedness to these creations. We use a sewing awl for the hand finishing work.


How do I clean my monster?

Spot Clean only or have your local dry cleaner consult on any spill or stain that does not wipe clean.


Can I buy a pattern to make my own?

Not at this time. There will be a link provided here on the site when I am ready to sell patterns.


Do you make custom monsters?

Yes we do. Use the contact form to begin talks of what your custom monster will look like. Custom monsters are $98 and up with a 50% deposit due upon order.


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