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I believe that an artist puts a part of themselves into everything they create. No more truly can this be said, than for an artist that makes a creature with a face. The artist behind Leather Monsters puts her love and hope and joy and certainly a piece of her soul into each creation. Which means that when you take one home, you’re taking a piece of a friend, whether you knew it or not.
— Darcy P.
I’m quite blessed to say that I’ve met the artist behind Leather Monsters and she’s every bit as charming as each of her creatures. When I came across my Sawyer on Instagram, I was immediately smitten and he came at a time when I was looking for that little bit of something to bring me comfort. Art should move you and little Sawyer definitely moved me, as did Lisa’s pure joy that he was going out in the world to have adventures with me!
— SugarCubeOD
I saw your monsters at Britannia Art Gallery on Commercial and knew immediately that my sister would love to receive one of these leathery friends as a birthday gift. Thanks for such great work!
— Tim V.
Riv LOVES her Leather Monster Thanks a lot! We will send you a better Alaska picture to post sometime soon!
— Kenzine T.
Lisa is amazing! She customized a leather monster for our daughter and had it shipped out and in our hands within a week! She took the extra time and care to make Maynard the monster extra special! Her work is exceptional and we couldn’t be happier! We look forward to ordering more monsters in the future and encourage everyone to have one of her very special creations!! T, J & C Charles
— Julie C.
Perfectly made and even cuter in person, it has a lovely weight to it and just the right amount of squish. I love it, thanks!
— Ruth G.
Hello Lisa!
Thank you for sending me the ‘Love me bear’ - He has settled in well to his new home in the UK! Pictures will be sent your way soon.
Really love your creations, they bring a smile, particular my one! I look at them when doing my work and it’s hard not to smile!
I’ll try and get you some snaps of their new home soon! :) Thank you once again and hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll be able to buy a friend for them from you!
— Craig C.
I got my monsters in yesterday and wanted to say thank you again I love them!!! I can’t wait for my little Harper to be old enough to start enjoying them!!
— Ashley T.
My wife absolutely LOVES your monsters. She giggled like a school girl when I showed them to her. I thought I would send you these pics. I built a crate today that I am going to mark with “live Bowser” of it. Going to try and get some pics or video of her when I give it to her as she is going to totally lose it.
— Austen L.
I will be certainly be ordering again soon! I was very pleased with the monsters.
The little write up enclosed with each monster was a nice touch.
I’m really into Big Foot so perhaps a sasquatchy kind of monster would be AWESOME!!
Just planting seeds:)
— Heidi C.
Having a creation that such a lovely woman put her heart and soul into creating is really a joy!
— ToothFairiesMom
Hi Lisa, Thank you very much! I just received my order from last Thursday and I absolutely love it! So much so that I ordered another monster today. I just subscribed to your newsletter, and I follow you on Instagram. I’ll be on the lookout for you to make another sleepy love bug, too cute. Thank you again
— Jason H.
I’ve always liked your little monsters and I decided I wanted to bring one with me as a travel buddy. I am going on a solo bicycle tour next month and this little guy gets to go with me. I’ll be taking pictures of our adventures and posting them on my insta. Keep up the good work! Have a great day!
— Brian M.