Georgia Straight

The designer ditches the adorable bears and bunnies from our youth, instead favouring one-eyed beasts, fanged sea creatures, and other one-of-a-kind beings sporting fuzzy hair and droopy smiles. The leather ages beautifully over time, producing an heirloom toy that owners can pass on for years to come.

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Circus Living

All unique in their own way, Leather Monsters offers irresistibly cute monsters of all shapes and sizes. These monsters are not only immensely adorable, they are made of leather which means they are also tough as nails.  I had the lucky opportunity to interview Lisa and learn more about her monsters.

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Stuffed Magazine

Get excited for the next of Stuffed bursting at the seams with adorable, monster-ific softies! Explore the Artist Portfolio of Lisa Lee and her Leather Monsters, plus learn all about her inspiration, technique, and style.

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dear Darkling

Do you want to make new friends? No? That’s fair. But what if we told you this was a friend who was quiet, would never make you feel awkward, loved cuddles, and, best of all, happened to be a monster? Now we’ve got your attention. Leather Monsters has just the companion you’re looking for..

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