Bailey the Fox -Heir of Hope

Bailey the Fox -Heir of Hope


Bailey’s interests include baking, poetry, and knives. Despite her hobbies and her striking white hair, Bailey is super young. She suffered a fright this year and every bit of her hair on her head turned white overnight!

She opened the door to a fortune teller’s store front. It was a lark, it will be fun she thought.

“ How dare you bring in these demons with you” The gypsy snarled.

“What demons” Asked the startled Bailey

The fortune teller pulled her to a seat, clasping both her hands.

“ You have brought Shame, that hot feeling when you think you have done wrong, You have brought Fear, thoughts of loosing and and not being enough. But worst of all you have brought Hope, that which makes you persevere”

I think she needs a seamstress who will make her an apron so she can hang in the kitchen and hum while you make pies. It was just a mean gypsy and while she will always have white hair, it’s a good thing to have hope I think.

13 1/2 inches tall

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