Blue Cat- Barry the Insomniac

Blue Cat- Barry the Insomniac

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Barry's interests include teddy bears, pocket watches, sewing, and going down the rabbit hole of the interwebs till 3 am in the morning. He then tosses and turns in angst while thinking about the 4 hours, tick tick tick, 3.5 hours sleep he could get before he has to get up.

Barry is hard to be around and feel chill ( at first) He will work your “just do you” muscle like none other- just looking at him can have you all tense up - But that’s a good thing.

Look at Barry and feel any any all tension you are holding in your body, now SQUEEZE IT ALL at the same time, clench up your whole self, grit your teeth and squeeze your eyes shut, hold your breath!

Now let out the breath, slump down and shake it all out. Barry will remind you tim find that tension you are holding and let it go- Barry says “ Are you in your body right now? How does it feel?” Answer Barry, or he’ll be up all night wondering about you.

Just under 1 foot tall:)

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