Brady - Keeper of Mind

Brady - Keeper of Mind


Brady was a relief worker for MythMakers. They provide vacation coverage for deities and gods. He use to be very high strung, but he was great at his job. There was not a myth he couldn’t cover for, till Mamaragan went away for summer break.

In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Mamaragan or Namarrkun is a lightning god who speaks with thunder as his voice. He rides a storm-cloud and throws lightning bolts to humans and trees. He lives in a puddle. That is where the wheels fell off for Brady. Here was this god, so powerful, feared by all, deeply respected, living in a puddle?!?!

Brady would work way more hours in the day than he had to, just to avoid coming home to live in the puddle. Summer ended, Mamaragan strutted onto a cloud and asked Brady why he was still working at 4 in the morning. “How can you go back to that place you call home?!?!” Bailey Yowled.

“If we can make any place a home, it is us that makes it a sanctuary, then we can truly find paradise anywhere on Earth.” Mamaragan hugged Brady tight with gratitude.

Brady has just been out there spreading the message ever since, you are the peace of mind you have been looking for. Bring this chill guy home to you now! He’s quite lovely.

15 inches tall

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