Classic Bear - Teddy Grey - Gray Stuffed Bear

Classic Bear - Teddy Grey - Gray Stuffed Bear


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Handmade teddy bear, Mr Grey is the first teddy in this body style. He has the lightest of blue eyes, and quite the story to tell.

Grey sees volition, and hence morality, as an illusion, and portrays humanity as a ravenous species engaged in wiping out other forms of life. Grey has written that "humans ... cannot destroy the Earth, but they can easily wreck the environment that sustains them” ( One dark dude with smoldering good looks)

I think his nihilistic tendencies could be changed around with a bit of love- He may have just been born on the wrong side of the bench and few days in a box on his way to you may turn it all around.

12 inches tall, exceptionally soft leather. Rare larger specialty eyes-

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