Dunstan - Chicken of the Sea

Dunstan - Chicken of the Sea


12 1/2 inches tall

Dunstan studies archeology and architecture in an effort to better understand all the castles in the world. He is the boston terrier of the monster world. Kinda timid then super brave!

He enjoys fortifications, meaning “please let’s have a blanket fort together, or at least put me under the blankets.” How bout that spot on your book case, crocodiles can’t go through books! ( I told him that, play along) It’s all the castle books he reads, the things people put in moats, he gets kinda obsessed.

Young like a pup, he is very moldable. He would do well in a multi monster home or as an only monster for now.

Monsters don’t need to eat, so please no food, more than others he enjoys a damp cloth wipe down- so if you have a little one you are teaching grooming routines to, Dunstan is your guy!

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