Steve the Sea Monster - Soldier of Mystery

Steve the Sea Monster - Soldier of Mystery


Steve is freakin adorable, even when he’s being serious. He use to work as a spy for the Harbour Commission. He would swim undetected around the shorelines, tracking any dock building being done without a permit. There were many and he quickly advanced to larger projects like the oyster and fish farming corporate shenanigans.

Then he got an assignment to track down the black market sturgeon operations on the coast. He won’t talk about what he saw there, at least not with me. I only know what I read in the papers. Many sturgeon were released back into the wild, many didn’t make it. He spent a few months alone after that, gardening, trying his hand at concrete lawn decorations, nothing seemed to be his “thing” you know?

I think he would do well in a home that modelled a very grounded way of being. Just a place where everybody is free to feel what ever they have going on and not stuff it down.

He is super receptive to hugs, so never be shy with giving him tons.

13 1/2 inches tall

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