Sea Monster II - Cute Monster Plush - Yeti

Sea Monster II - Cute Monster Plush - Yeti


Cute sea monster- A Yeti is said to be a wild animal that some people believe exists in the Himalayas. It is said to look like a human with a lot of hair. I am not the first toymaker to say this is inaccurate, and offer an alternative perspective.

Yeti, is a contrarian, his name is to be said “yet-he” as in- he says he’s an omnivore yet he only eats vegetables. Or, he said he was a terrible painter and yet he just did the most amazing mural.

I hope you have as much fun with this guy as we have been having and you tale him on some adventures. He says he is a homebody yet he is very excited about being boxed up and making his way to a yet unknown location.

Yeti is 11 inches tall.

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