Whale Stuffed Animal Plush Toy by Leather Monsters - Bluebell

Whale Stuffed Animal Plush Toy by Leather Monsters - Bluebell


Bluebell The Blue Whale is 17 inches. Leather Monsters prove that you can be a stuffed animal fan regardless of your age! Whether you're a small child or a giant adult child, you can keep this stuffed blue whale as a playmate and cuddle buddy.

Bluebell the stuffed blue whale has a firmly filled body with wonderfully floppy fins for maximum cuddliness and and hugs.

Plush leather whales by Leather Monsters are making their way into stuffed animal collections around the world!

As with the entire line of unique stuffed animals by Leather Monsters, this Plush Blue Whale Bluebell is made with all new leather, meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards, and is all round fanatastic.

Recommended for ages three and up, surface washing is suggested for this blue whale stuffed animal Bluebell. She has safety eyes with inner washers to keep them held on, but I would prefer children under 3 are supervised while they play with them.

There are no eyes on the Orca whales I made if you are looking for something like that as well:)

17 inches long

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