Teddy - Mouse Whisperer

Teddy - Mouse Whisperer


Teddy is not a trained scientist. He comes across as an eccentric hobbyist who is oddly attracted to mice. He is a savvy business man turned self-made scientist. His careful and methodical mouse breeding program has advanced modern hair colour gene research and he single handedly create a standard for the perfect shade of blonde. Moreover, he has published articles in hairdressing magazines on blonde beige that sets the stage for future winter trends. ( You’ll see)

Of course, living with a bear that loves mice comes with some problems—most of the mice he hangs out with these days are genetically divorced from their natural cousins, and therefore they don’t enjoy things  things like human interactions—but it’s undeniable that he will be finding them somewhere to speak with. So who is the person who’s not afraid there might be some late night mouse meetings at their house?

Is it you? Do it for the science- he still has that whole red hair thing to figure out for the Spring 2019 trend forecasting articles he’s already been paid to write.

13 inches tall -

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