Migaloo - Elvis Impersonator

Migaloo - Elvis Impersonator


Are white humpbacks rare? (around here this is a giant first, fancy eyes and all!)

As far as we know, exceedingly so. Besides Migaloo, there are three other known white humpbacks. Willow lives up in the Arctic and was spotted along the coast of Norway in 2012. Meanwhile, Bahloo lurks in Migaloo’s territory in the Great Barrier reef, first seen in 2008. But these two are not as gregarious as Migaloo, rarely showing their faces.

The other known white humpback is a calf first seen swimming around the Great Barrier Reef in 2011. Unofficially named “Migaloo, Jr.,” the calf is not known to be the child of Migalooin fact, the two whales may not even be related. If a DNA sample from the calf is obtained someday, they could compare it with Migaloo’s genetic profile to find out.

Here’s hoping there are at least some more white whales around here at LeatherMonsters in the future:)

This beautiful beast is made from a super buttery leather of exceptional thickness— The slow going to make him… I could not be more pleased with this offering to you, my monster family!

Approx 26 inches long

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