Cute Lion Stuffed Animal Plush Toy- Ramone

Cute Lion Stuffed Animal Plush Toy- Ramone


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Cute Leather Monsters Lion Stuffed Animal Plush Doll Ramone

Our Beautifully Designed Bellzi® Plush is the Best Stuff Animal to give to Someone you care about, for a friend Or just a great gift to keep for yourself! Perfect stuffed animal to cuddle with, to sleep with and to play with.

Ramone may look like a bit of a nervous nelly- that is not the case. Ramone is an aspiring castanet player/ dancer. While women usually are the castanet dancers, Ramone is breaking down barriers with his quick and entrancing moves.

He hopes to find a human family that will continue to encourage his eccentric ways the way his maker has.

12 inches tall, featuring tibetan sheepskin for hair

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