Megalodon Plush - Your Sharky Shark Best Friend

Megalodon Plush - Your Sharky Shark Best Friend


👉MAKE ME THIS ONE!! 👈 I’m sold out but maker can make one like me, click the link!

25 inches long-

This incredible creature wants to come hang out in time to watch Megalodon the movie with you later this year. Or really any movies, this one is a couch shark all the way. they have seen some things- Some marks indicate there have been some battles- nothing but making them more amazing, you’ll see. Sharks have their own best friends - they spend their time swimming with those pals for year and years. Your couch shark will guard you valiantly, I’m sure of it.

This Shark will live 40+ years - in the wild a shark would only live for 20-30 years.

Megalodons have been extinct 23-2.6 million years ago- Says wiki- I think the 23 must be a typo on their part but.. Who am I to question the great and powerful Wiki!!

I will ship this loving beast to you for free in North America- Crazy huh!?! I know, I just love you guys. 7-14 days for delivery

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