Werewolf Puppy Plush - Lykoi Cat - Cyril

Werewolf Puppy Plush - Lykoi Cat - Cyril


Cyril the Werewolf monster is so much more than I had even hopes for. Featuring fancy eyes in domestic cat style, he is really a sweet sweet kitten like creature.

Like all Lykoi, Cyril is very intelligent. They are pretty playful and love to be close to their relatives. However, they can also do well playing by themselves. One interesting feature of these scruffy-looking felines is that they act like dogs. They will fetch, hunt, and hound in the wild, just like a dog would do.  

They are a bit aloof with strangers until they can confirm that they are out of danger. They are very protective of their family and a little territorial with their toys. But they are willing to share.

Just shy a foot tall.

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